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hi again!

I kno I haven't been on in forever, I am terrible at updates and keeping int ouch. Things have been pretty good. I have been working alot. Haven't been making as much time to run as I'd like but I still am religious about going to the gym and keeping up with working out still, even if I dont run. Pretty much nothing hurts anymore, although if you have ever heard that people with metal hurt when its going to rain or is raining, its true. The screws in the back of my pelvis get kinda achy sometimes with changes in weather. Other than though my body has been doing really well. I've got my flexibility back. Even though I'm not back to my pre-accident weight, I have lost some and am feeling good. My ankle has been acting up a little. It was just getting a little stiff, but now it has a tendency to roll outwards a little in the beginning of runs, or when I've been working all day, then rest, it does the same thing when I go to get moving again. I'm going to go see my physical therapy guys, they'll check me and give me some advice cause they're cool like that. I ran into my cousin about 2 weeks back, her husband was one of my physical therapists. I mentioned to her that my little sister is thinking about going to college for physical therapy, so we were going to bring her up to talk to the guys about good schools and the like. We were bs-ing for a few minutes, then she mentions that the youngest therapist there had moved to the other office if I wanted to say, she knows I pop in on them every so often. (She doesnt kno that I thought he was really cute, but pretty much every girl thinks that). She starts grinning and says, "you know he's single now, too right?" I gave her this like "You really just went there?" but I was really thinking, "Hmmm . . . ." So I've had my hopes up since then :)

Hope everyone out there in LJ land is doing well and will have a great holiday season :)


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Nov. 18th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
Physios/PTs make the best lovers ahahaha i'm not biased at all ^^
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