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me meme

Name → Jessica
Nicknames → Jess, Jessie, Sunshine -->nickname at work cuz they say I'm so bubbly, Booger --> term of endearment from a couple I worked with at  Wendy's that I'm still friends with
Birthday → Feb 16, 88
Zodiac → aquarius

Hair → brown, thick, wavy, halfay between shoulders and elbows
Eyes → black outline, orange around pupills, greenish/hazel in the middle
Height → 5'4"
Body Type → more to love, but working on it

Relationship Status → single and wanting to change it
Kids → someday, maybe even adopt
Pets → maybe once I move

Religious Views → christian
Political Views → its all screwed up
City/State/Country → Pittsburgh

Favorite Color → red
Favorite Flower → tulips
Favorite Movie(s) → Fast and Furious, LOTR
Favorite Song(s) → pretty much anything country

3 Random Facts about you:
My body only aches now with changes in weather
I like my hair better straight
I don't like my toenails

Story behind your username:
I am taking charge of my life after surving a car accident that should of have killed me or atleast left me paralyzed or a veggie

1. First Name Jessica

2. Age 22

3. Location home, which is for now, my dad's house

4. Occupation nurse

5. Partner? nonexistant *pouts*

6. Kids someday

7. Brothers/Sisters 2 sisters, I'm the middle child

8. Pets I want a whole farm

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life
considering going back to school to continue on with the nrxt level nursing degree
taking care of my uncle with MS

10. Parents
divorced but civil
the reasons I am who I am

11. Who are some of your closest friends? Sarah, Ellen, Chrissy, Greg

12. What are some of the things you like most?
diet pop, vitamin water, anything country, food in general, working out, Chargers, reading for fun, Armywives (the show), Dr. Oz

13. A photo of yourself and anything else you want to say.



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