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Deep Down You Are Intuitive
You're the type of person who understands other people and the world very well. You don't let on to how much you know.
You can tell so much from someone's facial expressions or tone of voice. And you always know when you're being lied to.

You show the world exactly what you want to show. Besides being good at reading people, you also know how you're being read.
You know when you're being manipulated, and you know how to manipulate someone if you have to. You usually don't resort to it though!
You Fall for the Guy or Girl Next Door Type
You think that people make love too complicated, and what you want in a partner happens to be pretty simple.
You're content with someone who's nice, attractive, honest, and normal. So how come that's so hard to find?

You are fairly traditional, and you value security in relationships more than most people. It's important for you to find someone loyal.
When you find the right person, you don't expect much from him or her. You're just happy to be together.
You Are Imaginative
You are a creative, innovative person. You're not afraid of great risks.

Right now, you are seeking peace and tranquility in your life.

You are drawn to people who are energetic and blissful.

You feel like there are a few minor things in your life that need to be changed.

You take time before you react. You allow yourself to explore your options.
You Are Driven and Focused
You view people with optimism. You have many meaningful relationships in your life.

You had more conflict with your father than your mother. Your relationship with him was difficult and possibly unhealthy.

You don't deal with stress well. Even moderately stressful events tend to send you in a tailspin.

You are the type of person who knows how to get a lot done. However, sometimes you can't help but get overwhelmed by life.
You Were an Outgoing Kid
When you were a kid, you had no problem expressing yourself.
There's a good chance you started talking early - and never stopped!

You had a lot of friends, and unlike most kids, you weren't shy around adults.
You were well adjusted and confident. You enjoyed speaking up and participating.
Your Inner Color is Orange
Your Personality: A total daredevil, you'll try any thrill. You're easily bored and you prefer to be on the go.

You in Love: You see love as an adventure, and you find most men dull. You need someone who challenges you!

Your Career: Your ideal job is flexible, fun, and maybe a little dangerous. You have the makings of a private investigator or extreme athlete.
I've been loving being back in a gym, so much so I've already lost 2 lbs! I feel like the pieces of life that fell apart last year are finally finding their ways back together.

Apr. 12th, 2010

I had gotten a free week pass to Bally total fitness, so I went today. I miss going to the gym all the time and how good it made me feel. I definitely need to join a gym. I really liked this one I went to, and I liked the trainer I talked to, but its a little too far to go to all the time, so I'm going to have to find one I like closer to home.

For all you creative people

Anybody interseted in dreamwidth.org? I have a few invitational codes left!!!!

a few posts in one day, look at me, lol

Was mildly productive today, got some phone calls made. Thats a big deal for me because I hate talking on the phone. Bought snow boots, which were actually pretty cute. They were RocketDog. I dont have much money, considering I have bills to pay while making 7.50/hour. But I was able to make a couple donations today. One to Red Cross Haiti fund and another to a Christian band I've been a big fan of for years. ApologetiX. They're a Christian parody band. They're like Weird Al, but for the bible. They are not huge artists, they are unsigned (by choice) and they all have families that they need to take care of but they usually do ok for themselves. But with those factors and the recession taking its toll, they struggle to make ends meet from time to time.  I think they're great and that y'all, if anybody reads this, should check them out.


I've been working like a dog lately, despite all the snow we've been getting. some parts of the city are still snowed in, but we're managing. I had to dig my car out to go to work yesterday cause our street doesnt get plowed, but its nice having neighbors that will help you shovel your street out. Once I got to the main road, it was pretty well cleaned up. My next car will definitely be four wheel drive, since as a nurse I'll have a job where I cannot call off because of the weather, I pretty much have to be dying, literally, to not go to work. Monday I'll start my clinical and will be done after 5 shifts. Here goes!

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

My sister used to work for Girls Hope, so one night I was supposed to go out with my friends but I was feeling really crappy. PMS was kicking in big time and I probably wouldn't have been much fun that night. So I told them that my sister's work was in desperate need for volunteer's and needed to bail on them. I spent that night curled on the couch, and felt better by the end of the night. Some of friends don't get needing some time to your self, but these are my friends that are the type of people that aren't good at spending rtime alone, they need somebody around all the time. Some get it, they need a little space from time to time too.


So i am doing clinical paperwork, again. I'm doing it somewhat excitedly because it means I'm getting this behind me and will be done soon (finally!!!). Its reminding me of all the long nights of staying up to do paperwork and learn drugs in one night all stressed. But I am not being stressed. One thing I have taken away from the last half a year is to fret less. Don't worry unnecessarily. Things will work out the way they are supposed. Just do things the best you know how and it will work out how its supposed to. So I am crossing my fingers she's going to be easy on me considering I haven't done this in how long, but I am not expecting it. They wanted me to spend a day with my teacher in the hospital before finishing the hours I got left with my preceptor. I worked today so I am a little tired, but I got my diet coke. And I found a butt load of change in a bag as I was going through some stuff, so I can afford a Starbucks run if need be.

Its like a sigh of relief, so here goes!


I signed up at day zero project .com with a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I think its a good way to llok at some of things you want to do in life and break it down into manageable chunks with a realistic deadline.  One of the things I want to do is read through the whole bible, so I got a reading plan off of youversion.com that hopefully I'll stick to.